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Isenegger Software Engineering GmbH provides services for the entire process of successful and innovative projects. The following services can be provided:

- Consulting / Coaching
- Project management
- Realization
- Quality Assurance
- Maintenance

Consulting / Coaching
We support and advise you with the definition of the requirements for a product. Our experience helps you to cover all product relevant aspects in the requirements.

Project management
In order to guarantee a successful project conclusion, it is important to define to the project adapted project management. The factors costs, time, dates and risks play an important role. By the large number of already successfully completed projects, we know the connections of these factors and can lead your team to success.

The realization takes place on a high quality standard. By an iterative and risk-oriented development process we make possible for you to make prototype verifications in an early development phase.

Quality Assurance
As means for the quality assurance reviews and unit, regression and system test serve, as well as the continuous training of our coworkers.

We remove maintenance of older software from you. So your own software development teams can concentrate on new projects.